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To further enhance the rate of NC machine tool in China.
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CNC machine tools market prospects
In recent years, China's machine tool industry rapid economic growth, the rate of NC machine tool has the promotion. But our country of all kinds of ordinary machine tools about 4000000, including 1/4 machine tool is more than 30 years of age, the machine has no transformation value, need replacement, the remaining 70% of machine tools are available to carry on the numerical control transformation. The implementation of reform and renewal of general machine tools for many, can form a 100 billion update market demand, to maintain economic growth can play a certain role. So, NC transformation project can be formed thousands of billion yuan of industrial added value.
To improve the safety level of NC machine tool
At present, the vast majority of China's machine tool used in general machine tool. A large number of common machine tool, security problems. Therefore, the security problem becomes a big obstacle restricting the development of. Increase safety performance, improve machine essential safety level, to solve the numerical control level is low, personal injury accidents, safety level is low, the production efficiency is not high question.
The common machine tool NC transformation, can greatly improve the machining efficiency and automation, intelligent degree. Reduce the risk the possibility of operator contact parts; operating system and operation interface more ergonomic requirements, can effectively reduce the error rate, reduce the error generated by accident. Aoli machine network that, by the numerical control transformation of machine tools, safety performance is significantly improved, the accident rate is reduced significantly, it will bring enormous benefit of safety.
Reduce the cost of machine tools, improve the machining efficiency
The common machine tool NC transformation compared with the purchase of new machine, particularly large, especially special machine tool. General large-scale machine tools, only the new machine purchase cost 1/3. Cost savings at the same time, NC transformation can also save and cause the corresponding energy consumption and pollution emissions for all updates.
Based on previous experience in transformation, the general transformation of NC machine tools, improve the efficiency. One of the original machine tools needed for a person to control, after the transformation of a worker can operate two sets of machine tools. At the same time, the transformation of the machining accuracy greatly improved, caused by human error rejection rate decrease. At the same time, reduces the labor intensity of workers, saving labor, shorten the product development cycle and the production cycle, bring the enormous economic benefits to enterprises.
From the foreign mature experience, remanufacturing is the most effective way to use of CNC machine tools. NC machine tools is the use of technology innovation and combination of technology, the transformation of traditional industries and the development of emerging industries combined, focused and comprehensive promotion of combining, and promote safe production as the key task of technical transformation. In China, the manufacturing field is just emerging, huge market.

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