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China's auto industry has become the main body of the machine tool industry consumption
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    In recent years, China's automobile industry has become the main body of machine tool consumption, accounting for about 70% of the total consumption of our country machine tool. So the industry is the automotive equipment supporting the automotive industry and machine tool industry half the sky.
With the competition of automobile industry intensifies, automotive products update cycle shortened from decades to three to five years, combined machine tool automation line to rule the automotive industry for its high efficiency. At present, the automobile industry consumption of machine tool is mainly divided into two aspects: one is for four lines of automobile production, stamping, welding, painting and assembly line; two is including processing engine, transmission, steering the car parts of the system, braking system, transmission system, suspension system, the. Vehicle production in four lines only need machine stamping line. Focus on the machine tool consumption in second aspects, namely, accounted for the whole vehicle equipment auto parts processing value about 70%.
And the manufacturing of automotive parts usually have four categories: metal cutting machine tool production line, because the precision forging technology and equipment behind, most automobile parts by cutting processing; vehicle manufacturing "four major technological equipment", including vehicle automatic assembly line, body welding and assembling automatic production lines, automatic spraying production line, stamping automatic production line; precision forging production line and manufacturing unit, including forging, hot forging, cold forging (extrusion), powder forging equipment metallurgy sintering and internal high pressure forming equipment; casting production line including precision casting production line of cast iron parts, die-casting machining aluminum alloy castings (manufacturing unit). There are other test equipment, CNC tool system and laser cutting equipment.
The engine as a core function of automobile components, its processing equipment is one of the most important equipment in car production. While an engine main parts are cylinder, cylinder head, camshaft, crankshaft and connecting rod. Machining the parts necessary machine tools are CNC machine high efficiency, high performance, high reliability and special machine tool. The cylinder block, cylinder head machining flexible production line consists mostly of horizontal machining center; machining equipment is the main cart machine, CNC Crankshaft Milling and milling machine, CNC Crankshaft Grinder and polishing machine for crankshaft and camshaft; processing equipment is a camshaft CNC machine tools and camshaft grinder; and the connecting rod processing mostly use special equipment, such as double end face grinder.
In recent years, the development of machining technology and soon, a variety of new technologies emerging and application, especially in the development of NC machine tool as the forerunner, the NC lathe or contradiction with the special NC machine tools to solve the flexible and efficient. At present, most of the agile manufacturing system composed of high speed machining center of auto parts production. As a big country of automobile manufacturing industry, we are in the transition to the manufacturing industry in the country, should not only master the techniques of special equipment manufacturing, and attention should be paid to the development and manufacturing process of automobile. Have their own development capacity, improve the reliability of machine tools, reduce production cost, shorten the new product launch period, so we can really do a turnkey project.

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