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2013 domestic CNC mold cutting tool refine on
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    NC cutter is used for cutting tools in mechanical manufacturing, also known as cutting tools. It includes the overall carbide tool, super hard tools, auxiliary system, superhard materials and coating technology. After years of development, CNC tool industry China Science and technology hardware city gradually mature, not only rich types and specifications complete, great to meet the Yongkang and neighboring counties (city) hardware manufacturing industry and manufacturing industry market demand.
Because of the economic recession, many business owners are try various devices to save cost, improve productivity. So their long service life, CNC tool and affordable single bell. It is reported, blade, cutter etc. there are some obscure hardware products, but their usage and amount is not small case. In addition to these products export demand is stable, is also quite big sales in Yongkang, because it is one of the tools essential for electric tools, insulation Cup, cooking utensils and other hardware industry. Yongkang hardware industry flourishing, greatly promoted the development of the industry and product sales. CNC tool types, specifications, quantity is huge, is more common in the hardware city market is boring, milling cutter, reamer, bar-hole knife, turning and broaching cutter etc.. Cutting processing industries are widely applied to the high hardness, high strength, such as fine mechanical processing technology, energy, automobile, motorcycle industry, furniture industry, automobile and electronics and information technology industries.
This year the economic situation in the harsh environment, a little effect on the NC tool, but the enterprise demand remained stable. But made more stringent accuracy requirements more and more enterprises of CNC tool. Luo Baihui, chief information officer cutter net of Jin mogang points out, customers to buy tools, in addition to the value will be able to complete the processing quality, pay more attention to how to reduce the cost and achieve higher profit. Tool enterprise service consciousness to the entire value chain workpiece from the tool itself, so as to reduce the production cost of customers. For the customer, first concern is the purchase of CNC tool quality, and then is the price, so the NC tool to do better in universality, stability and accuracy.
Many from Japan, America, Switzerland, South Korea imported CNC tool has the advantages of novel blade shape, blade size smaller, smaller cutting angle and new clamping structure, by many enterprises like. In addition, the NC tool in various combinations, special automobile, mold industry is the important tool. It is the biggest characteristic of a fixture can perform a number of machining, the tool management, reduce the tool costs have shown extraordinary role.
However, a lot of CNC tool dealers are keenly aware, the current market of domestic NC cutter, CNC tool independent innovation ability is weak. In the development of high-end products, mainly by imitation, import substitution policy. This style of development in technology completely dependent on developed countries, lose power development, always with the others behind. Whether dealers or manufacturers, must be fully aware of this, continuously and in the development foundation, enhance the ability of independent development, good market positioning, improve the high-end product share.

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