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China is expected to replace imported mold manufacture of stamping die
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    According to Chinese customs statistics, China in stamping die mold import and export volume occupies second, imports accounted for 40%, exports accounted for 25%.
With the mold manufacturing technology continues to improve, China stamping die manufacturing process more and more fine, gradually catch up with the developed countries, its development mainly presents: sustainable development to a large, sophisticated, complex and rapid economic direction of product; continuously improve the technical content; manufacturing cycles continue to shorten; processing mould stamping production will continue to move the informationization, digitization, fine, high speed and automation direction development. Since China stamping die price compared with developed countries is relatively low, so in the international market is very popular.
At present, the continuous development of China's technology of stamping die, die machining precision stamping has been able to produce the camera and mobile phone plastic mold, many small module gear cavity die, and the precision of 5mm 7800 cavity plastic mould etc.. Large complex precision die-casting mold has been able to mold axle gear box pressure production escalator automobile overall pedal die casting die,, and car engine foundry mould etc..
The development of China's stamping die industry, making the total China now stamping parts processing mold production has been in the forefront in the world, and began to die from importing countries gradually transformed into a mold export country. According to expert analysis, according to this speed development, is the inevitable trend of stamping die manufacturing in China to replace imported mold.  
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