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Chinese manufacturing growth from quantity to quality and efficiency changes of
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    The manufacturing industry of our country is mainly in the production process, in the aspects of technology research and development, independent innovation, system integration or short board. Total investment in fixed assets in our country, the equipment investment has 2/3 rely on imports, in which the optical fiber manufacturing equipment 100%, equipment manufacturing integrated circuit chip 85%, petroleum chemical equipment 80%, car, CNC machine tools, textile machinery, printing equipment imports 70% of the. Although the United States in 2010 manufacturing scale slightly lower than China, but the United States only 11500000 industrial workers, while China has hired 1 million industrial workers, the United States of America's labor productivity at least 10 times higher than we.
According to the General Administration of customs data analysis, China exported $150700000000 of goods, of which foreign exports accounted for $77500000000, more than half of. Even if it is imported, the foreign share of close half. From which we can see, we own the share of promising data behind very limited. The manufacturing industry of our country from the scale to exceed the United States fortunately, is a good thing, but the input-output our ratio, but exposed the difficulties and problems in our actual. I think, the key lies in our industrialization started late, we have not yet completed the industrialization, this is our reality, we can not be avoided.

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