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China machine tool consumption continues to grow "sophisticated" occupy the mainstream
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    With the social development of all types of industrial controller of the increasingly high quality requirements, the development of industrial manufacturing industry has reached a crossroads of reform, need to "sophisticated" mode of production.
Chinese modern industrial manufacturing industry due to the influence of various factors, the level of its development is still in a relatively backward stage, most of the manufacturing output or through massive amounts of low value-added products to achieve, especially industrial products, processing equipment such as machine tools which are still in a low-end, high-end market occupied by foreign brands, in 2012 1 ~ November, China CNC machine tool imports amounted to $4209000000, down 9.2%; imports of 14300 units, down 30.1%; the average price of imports for 294300 yuan / Taiwan, an increase of 29.8%.
But as society more high quality of products and technical requirements are, the future production technology and equipment has entered the high-end mainstream production mode.
The 1-8 month statistics show, since 2010, the machine tool industry sales growth has been above 40%. The next 5 years the machine tool industry compound growth rate of 25% ~ 30%, apparently in the high-end CNC machine tools will become the main growth. But because of China's machine tool industry technology for a long time lag, and the advanced countries in the world in terms of design, material technology, parts has been a wide gap between. This situation is caused by the long-term backwardness, domestic enterprises prefer to spend more money to buy foreign products, resulting in the high-end CNC machine tool industry in China's self-sufficiency rate is very low.
China's machine tool exports have already ranks eighth in the world, Europe has become an important market of Chinese machine tool exports. He is expected to 2013, China machine tool consumption will grow by 12% to $38000000000. At present, the European market accounted for China's total export of machine tools 24%, market size of about $600000000, the future, China machine tool market prospect is quite good.

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