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QC11K-CNC hydraulic guillotine shears
Classification of the:Shearing machine series
Type number:QC11K
product price:面议
Performance and characteristics:
All steel welded structure, comprehensive treatment (VSR, heat treatment) to eliminate the internal stress, with good rigidity and stability.Using the advanced hydraulic system, reliability.Using precision sliding rail, eliminate rail gap, cutting quality and high.Electric rear stopper, manual fine tuning, digital display.Blade gap adjustment handle, scale value display, rapid, accurate, convenient.Rectangular blade, the four blade can be used, the service life is long. Adjustable shearing angle, reduce the deformation of the sheet.The tool carrier by tilting structure, easy to feed, and can improve the working accuracy.Function of shearing in sections with lighting device function.After the feeding device (other choice).
Technical parameters:
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