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W11S-Top roller universal machine
Classification of the:Series of bending machine
Type number:W11S
product price:面议

Performance and characteristics:
High accurate end pre-bendingEnd pre-bending, free to set the length of straight edge, roller pressure, under pressure, the high accurate end pre-bending.Superior precision productsDue to the continuous bending, and high accurate end pre-bending, resulting in superior precision products; also on the shape of drum rolls, with the supporting roller adjusted, from thin to thick to the wide range of volume ideal products.The different control method uses the correspondingAccording to the purpose, the following control methods: TNC (NC): T&BNC with many varieties of small production (by NC): less variety of mass production with CNC (CNC): a variety of mass production.A curved shape richWith a rolling type O, type U, R and so many different shapes, the way:O type bending: rear bending modeU type bending: the bending modeSpecial bending: combined mode
Technical parameters:
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