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    Thank you for your benefit purchased Nantong Huawei CNC Machine Tool Co., Ltd. products series, I hereby express my sincere gratitude to you! In order to protect your legitimate rights and interests, remove your any menace from the "rear", make the following warranty service commitment to you, and provide the following services to you:
    Strict in in in in 1 company to select the best scheme according to the requirements of the national standard, the contract and specification, and the full process quality of tracking, monitoring, inspection, to ensure product quality;
    In 2 the establishment of user service in in in technical file, for customer service tracking services;
    in 3 of the company's products, up within one year from the date of purchase, the company offers free on-site service, warranty period, will still provide life-long repair, depending on the circumstances appropriate repair fees charged;
in 4 where the company sold products provide the instructions for use of products, product qualification certificate, packing list and related technical information to the user, and free to users and operators of training, time, no restriction on the number of.

     Customers using the product process, such as found in the product can not be normal use, can consult marketing center after sale service department immediately, and will be used in the product models, specifications, the use of the environment, fault conditions, the date of purchase and the service requirements in detail. The after sale service department recommending treatment, still can not resolve, and then decided to send people or other processing.

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